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Would you like more time for health and happiness this year?

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Hi, I'm Sarah

It's great to see you here! I'm a wellbeing coach, consultant and international best selling author. And I'm here to help you discover the health and happiness you are looking for.

Through my 1:1 coaching, workshops and membership I support the supporters and help busy people (like you) find the time and freedom they crave.


I know we can achieve more together!


Imagine Time for You!

Picture this...a few hours each week, just for you, to do with as you wish. No guilt - just ease and the delight in knowing you have time for you.


This is the result my clients get from working with me. It's my aim for everyone I work with - from my free online courses and PDF's, 1:1's and Wellbeing 3.0 Membership, right through to my VIP and Corporate packages. I want to help you find more time, freedom and ease in your daily life today!

It wasn't always like this for me.

I was burnout, overwhelmed, anxious and spent! I had no time, was always running late and was on a constant treadmill of work, sleep, repeat. On top of this, I added more and more to my to-do list - more expectations, obligations and 'shoulds'. Add to this procrastination and perfectionism and my life was a perfect storm! My attitude to time was making me fraught, frazzled and unwell.


That was until I started to prioritise what was most important in my life and use practical tools to help me find the time I craved. I had to rewrite my time story of "I don't have enough time!" and "There's not enough hours in the day!" I had to put into practice what I now believe - that time for me is an essential, not a luxury.

Now I am free!


Now I am free - free to have coffee with friends, go for a walk, play with my children, eat well and sleep better. I have the time to look after myself, so I can be there for others. This is powerful, meaningful and I now live a happier and healthier life! 


This isn't out of reach for you. It's not something for when things slow down or a distant holiday off work. Nor is it something exclusive or expensive. Time for you can start today! (Read that again).

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I've taken my 20 year experience and personal journey to create a proven method to help you plan and take action on the things that matter most to you.


Would you love to...

...have time to do the things you love?

...spend more time with family and friends?

...enjoy time for yourself everyday?

...take time to prioritise your wellbeing? time for health and happiness into your day?

...feel less guilt and worry about the time you spend?

...know what it's like to feel free!

I didn't think this was possible.

But I am proof that it is!


Let me help you find out and turn this into reality, with practical, trusted methods to organise, plan and create a life you love!

Don't take my word for it...

"I recently had a 1:1 with Sarah. As always, she radiates compassion, and her enthusiasm has always made me feel as though I can achieve anything. I left our call feeling positive and capable, pointed in a direction I was excited to explore. I would recommend one of these sessions to avone who may feel a little lost and in need of some guidance, a different perspective or an empowering chat with a wonderful person."

Rosie, Time for You Client

We Can Achieve More, Together!

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Would you like to be happier and healthier this year?

Want to create more ease in your life?

What about finding time for you?

Well, I've created something especially for you!

Simply add your name and email below to receive your very own FREE PDF to help you discover more time for yourself and step towards more health and happiness this year.

Time For You Journal • Get Your FREE PDF 

Click here to download your PDF.

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Based in South Wales, UK

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