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Sarah Alex Carter


Hello, it's great to see you here! I'm Sarah, a wellbeing coach, consultant and international best selling author. I believe in the power of looking up and changing your perspective to transform your life - I've even written a book about it!


Through my writing, wellbeing programs and 1:1 coaching I aim to help others look at things differently, shift their thinking and work toward a life they were meant to live.


I love writing and all things creative. I also love a good story and finding out more about the world in which we live. Equally, I have a huge heart and passion for people - I think they are amazing - I think you're amazing!

This site is a place where I share my interests and in turn, hope to inspire and inform.  Subscribe, scroll and follow along - join me for the journey and let's look up together!

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We Can Achieve More, Together!

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Based in South Wales, UK

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