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A is for...ACTION!

Welcome to Work, Rest & Play: An A-Z of Wellbeing. Each post of my blog this year will form an A-Z of what I believe to be important tools, techniques, and tips on improving your wellness. The content will come from a variety of sources: my own personal experience, my coaching expertise, new research and science and tried and tested traditional methods. When I reach the end of the alphabet, I will be collating all the posts and using them to create a brand-new book – a go to guide on how you can work, rest & play to live a life of fullness and balance.

I am so excited to share this project and journey with you! Please comment below or on my socials to tell me what you find useful, your take aways from the posts and if you have your own ideas on what each letter represents – you may even be included in the final publication of the book.

So, here we go…A is for ACTION.