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Asking For Help

Updated: Apr 13

Are you good at asking for help? I suppose, like most things, it depends on the situation. When I was younger, I would rarely ask for help and there were two reasons for this. I was fiercely independent, and I grew up with a mother who also didn't ask for help when she needed it most. Both nature and nurture played a role and I learned over time that I would work it out and get by just fine on my own. Now, whilst this served me well in some ways - I travelled abroad, lived on my own, built a career etc - it set me up for a difficult time when I became a wife and a mother myself.

Over the past few years, I have looked at my behaviour, done a lot of work on myself and now recognise what has stopped me from asking for help. And the answer surprised me. It was fear. Fear is what kept me h