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Creativity is as natural to human beings as trees are to a forest. Each and every one of us has an innate ability to create. We have been creating since time began, whether this is naming animals, designing shelter, making garments, inventing recipes or solving puzzles of navigation. We all possess the ability to bring together seemingly unconnected things to create something new – marks on a surface, sounds from a wooden box, moving our bodies into fluid shapes or telling stories. Creativity has little to do with whether you are good at art and more to do with how you solve problems, look at the world and bring meaning to your life.

Creativity as Our North Star

I believe creativity is a beacon, a north star if you like. When we look towards creativity and take action, it guides us towards our true self. It is always our decision whether we choose to follow the guiding light of creativity or not. We can turn our face up towards its light or hide away in the shadows. The following chapters will look at different forms of creativity, using sight, sound, movement and words, and their profound uplifting effect on our lived experience. We will see how being creative is about reaching out and up, beyond ourselves, connecting the constellations of our lives in new ways to map out joy, for us and others to see. If we move towards the true north of creativity, we can experience life in all its fullness. Sharing our creativity with others becomes an act of togetherness, rather than an individual indulgence, bringing people together and encouraging deeper human connections. Lifting us up and, in turn, shining a light ahead for others to follow.

Creativity = JOY!

Find what brings you joy everyday. Joy is not a luxury and it certainly doesn't have to cost a penny. The following ideas are ways in which you can bring creative thinking and joyful experiences into your day.

Use these to spark joy, ignite your imagination and have fun! No drawing experience needed.


Choose colours that lift your mood. Think about ways you can incorporate uplifting colours into your life. This could be through decoration in your home or living space, your wardrobe, the objects you own and use, or even the food on your plate.

Light up your space. Use uplighters, angled lamps and natural light wherever you can to illuminate your living space. Lighting can be used to boost your mood and elevate even the most ordinary of everyday tasks.

Look up and out. Be inspired by the world around you. This could be simply looking outside your window and using your camera to capture the light at different times of the day.


Listen to your favourite piece of feel-good music. Choose one that really lifts your spirits and listen without distractions. Use headphones to fully immerse yourself in the sounds you hear.

Play radio roulette. Spin or press the dial on your radio and stop it at an unfamiliar station. Listen to the music playing and discover a new genre of sounds.

Pay attention to everyday sounds. Become attuned to audible experiences when you open your windows, go for a walk or sit outside. Sounds of birds, water, wind, laughter and voices are especially uplifting.


Choose simple, happy movements every day. Draw circles with your nose, raise your hands into the air, smile a big toothy grin. Do this for a few seconds each day.

Daily dose of dance. Choose to dance every day, even if it is in your kitchen. Play music to suit your mood or to create the emotions you want to feel. Listen to the lyrics and sound; embody these through the motion of your whole body.

A joyful walk. When you go for a walk, take your hands out of your pockets (wear gloves if you need to) and think of something joyful. Your head will naturally lift up and your spirits with it too.


Read, recite and remember a poem. As you have read in this chapter, a poem can be a small, portable tool to lift you up through even the darkest days. Choose one that speaks to you personally.

Research and look up your family history. Find out the stories belonging to previous generations. Collect these in a written or digital journal. Share them with others, tell your own stories and encourage others to do the same.

Put pen to paper. Write a card or letter on paper with a pen to a friend or loved one. It can be a simple thank you note or even a postcard from your holiday destination. You may want to select a poem or verse and include that too.

Use these prompts as catalysts for your creativity - if they make you smile, then all the better. Remember, being creative is about being true to that innate part of you that yearns to make or do something. Go for it, find your fun and carve out time for creativity everyday.

Joy is there for the making!

These ideas are taken from my new FREE online guide to finding you and living a fuller life this year. If you would like to find out more, click this link to join the journey:

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