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Fika Your Day

"Fika? What's that?" I hear you ask. Well, its a Scandinavian thing - like saunas, cinnamon pastries and IKEA - and it's amazing! I have to confess, as I've done before, I LOVE all things Scandi. And fika is something I believe we should all adopt, along with hygge, lagom and cycling - but I am biased. But honestly, when you understand the purpose of this daily ritual, you will see how it could make all the difference to your work and life.

The definition of fika is (in Swedish custom) a break from activity during which people drink coffee, eat cakes or other light snacks, and relax with others. Now, what's not to love! It's actually a social institution in Sweden, and I love the attitude and purpose behind it. First, there's coffee and cak