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Together Care

There's an amazing phrase, used by an incredible man. The phrase is "the dignity of difference" and it was the belief of Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks. I love this phrase, and I have started to use a similar statement: "let's live together, differently".

This blog is all about each other and the power of being together. It is also about the importance of our differences: the unique qualities we each have that can be shared with others. There is immense strength and benefit not only in numbers, but in difference, and as individuals we need to acknowledge and accept this. Our innate character, skill, creativity, and talents when combined with others are awesome. We see it in nature - the instinctive need to work as a flock, herd, school, or forest. Birds fly and navigate great distances taking turns in leading the way, herds of animals survive by working together to protect young and old, schools of fish join in huge numbers to feed and avoid predation, trees live alongside each other sharing nutrients from the ground and atmosphere. Is it possible we could do the same?

We are faced with great uncertainty in our world. Today as there always has been, is disease, war, poverty, and injustice. This is on a global scale. And sometimes we can feel so insignificant in our role within it all. Overwhelmed and anxious by what we see in the news and media. We ask, “What difference can we make?” and “How can I positively affect people's lives who live in another country? What can I do to save the planet? How can I change the world?”

Well, my answer is simple. You don't. You do not try to change the world on a global scale. You start with the world in which you live. On your doorstep, in your street and neighbourhood there is disease, war, poverty and injustice. This is where you can make a difference. It is in our own lives we can choose to acknowledge and accept the power of coming t