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Welcome, One and All!

Updated: Jul 20, 2020

My very first blog post, this is it! No pressure!

I thought I would start out by introducing myself, saying why I decided to start a blog and, what I hope to do with this site.

Eighteen months ago I sat down to a Zoom call (we all know what one of those is now!) with a brilliant career and life coach, Emma Dempsey. We talked about many things, but the main conversation was around my desire to write more and the fears holidng me back from moving into something new in my life. My main fear was that I felt like a 'Jack of all trades, master of none', that I had so many interests, that I was a generalist and not a specialist. For me this was a negative, and led me to value my creativity as a flash in the pan, and of no real substance. Well, by the end of our call, I had a whole new perspective and felt ten feet tall!

What came from that call was a new understanding of my uniqueness, and owning the fact that I am not defined by one thing - I am a generalist, my interests and creative practice is broad, and that gives a richness and variety to my life and to others. My love of many things is what makes me special.

The other important fact came as a bolt from the blue - I love writing, but more than that, I have always written, all through my life! Even whilst studying an Illustration degree, a huge amount of my work was created by writing and using typography - my skecthbooks were as full of words as they were of drawings!

So here I am, a multi-passionate creative, who wants to share with others her fascinations and findings on a range of subjects through this blog. Simply typing this fills me with a sense of relief and joy!

I hope you will join me on this journey, spread the word to others and look forward to reading each post. I plan to post once a week to start with, the posts being 3-5 minutes long, with something to inspire you, maybe a new name you can Google, or a book you may want to read. Other posts may be encouraging you to be more creative, how to choose courage day to day, or simply a thought on life.

I will be here each week, and I hope to see you here too, to read your comments and grow a community of unique and special individuals.

Have a wonderful week and take care,

Sarah x

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