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Choosing Slow

This month I have been inspired to write about slow living, and to post a series on all things slow each Monday throughout September.

There are a number of different theories and definitions on what slow living is. I have chosen a simple definition from they state "slow living is defined as slowing down enough to move through your day with purpose".Even this simple statement is not my everyday experience and is far from the reality of shouty school runs, overcrowded commutes (pre-Covid) and a laundry/shopping/cleaning/to do list as long as my arm!

Whilst I love the idea of living at a slower speed, of being intentional and purposeful, how can this lifestyle change be brought about in the reality of a busy life? I have my own ideals of what it means to live a slower, more present life; but again, are these really possible in our fast paced, high achieving, always switched on world? Is this yet another trendy 'thing to do' or 'way to live' that adds additional pressure to our already overwhelming lives, another way in which we can fall short of the mark and feel we're not slow enough?

So, in true journalist style, I am on a quest to learn more about the qualities of slow living, what it really looks like and how I can bring a slower speed to my own life. But before I do, I have written down my current ideas and ideals of what it means for me to slow down.

Living slowly for me is when...